Additional Resources

Find helpful videos from Small Business Mentors across the nation that help you manage through this crisis.

CARES Act in Simple Terms

Breaks down the whole universe of the CARES Act programs, how they fit together, and what they are designed to do - in SIMPLE terms.

National Resources and Policy Updates for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

Learn about the new loan programs made available by the CARES Act, resources related to COVID-19 and policy recommendations to bolster small business owners right now.

Coronavirus and your small business - Q&A with SCORE Mentors

SCORE's expert, business mentors for this LIVE Q&A webinar where we'll address your questions and concerns regarding the current crisis to help you adapt your business and weather the storm.

Cash Resilience Webinar

25 Ways to Find, Preserve, and Improve your Cash to get to the other side.

Building a Business Recovery Plan

Step-by-step instruction on how to prepare a "Recovery Plan" including consideration from your lenders, landlords and vendors for reduction/forgiveness of payment.

Displaced Workers and Unemployment Support

Find external resources that inform how to take care of your employees through this crisis.

Dallas College Job Training and Unemployment Support

Dallas College is connecting our Dallas County community to employment opportunities, career readiness tools, training and other resources to prepare them for the workforce. 

SayYestoDallas: Displaced Workers Support

Lists Dallas focused essential industries job opportunities for displaced workers

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

Comprehensive collection of COVID-19 unemployment and displaced workers initiatives across Texas, including how to apply for unemployment benefits

Texas Workforce Commission Shared Work Program

Offers information on how to help maintain employees during a slowdown in business by participating in a Shared Work Program

How to apply for Texas unemployment

Learn how to apply for Texas unemployment benefits through resources such as instructional videos and FAQs

DEC Network Sponsored Small Business Relief Site

Dallas Economic Development Small Business Website

Dallas Regional Chamber

Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce

Asian Chamber of Texas

North Texas LGBT Chamber Of Commerce

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